Windows Update causes driver_expool_corrupted


Oct 11, 2009
Joliet, IL U.S.A.

Setup a new Gateway desktop PC at work purchased from TigerDirect (brand new).  Restored files and programs from the old PC and dialed in the settings as I want them.  Had Windows Update set to install & update automatically so I would not have to manage
the updates as it is not my machine.

About a month ago there were some Windows Updates that needed to be done, so I went ahead and performed them when I was doing my normal maintenance routine.  Upon restart (after installing the updates and Win8 prompting me to reboot), the PC would come
up with DRIVER_EXPOOL_CORRUPTED error and would not start.

Had to do a System Restore to get the PC working again.  A week or two later, Automatic Updates installed regular updates and forced a reboot, and had the same issue/error.  Second time around did a "Refresh my PC", restored the files again and installed
necessary programs.  Keep in mind this is just restoring documents and installing programs like Peachtree Accounting, Office 2010, Tax Pro, etc.  Performed restoration of these programs' documents according to each program's restoration procedures.

Happened one more time while I was on vacation and I instructed my employer via telephone to do a System Restore.  And finally it happened again this morning.  Again, the Windows Updates being set to update and install automatically had forced a reboot
sometime yesterday and the PC refused to boot up.

I did an entire hard drive recovery this afternoon using the daily backups with True Image 2013 and finally got it working again.  I immediately disabled Windows Updates and left it running.

The weird thing is that even though I get the PC to work each and every time, it takes multiple reboots for the DRIVER error not to come up and to finally enter the OS.  System boots fine in Safe Mode each time this happens but I cannot narrow down what
is causing this issue.

I am extremely frustrated, and I really do not know how to diagnose this.  This is used as an office computer containing very sensitive files that are REQUIRED for the business to operate.  I have ordered a fresh copy of Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit and a new
hard drive but perhaps I can resolve this issue without having to completely start fresh.  On another note, this is totally unacceptable for MS to issue updates that render a business PC useless with no way to resolve the problem.  I would like to file an
official complaint to Microsoft and to Gateway on this matter.

Please help.

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