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Oct 11, 2009
Joliet, IL U.S.A.
Signatures: We invite all of our members to personalize their signatures but we ask that you keep the size reasonable. Anything over sized will have to be edited or removed. We have specific rules regarding signatures so you will want to read our rules and guidelines.

Commercial Links in signatures are expressly forbidden without specific approval and will be removed. Links to recognized charities and personal websites are permitted provided that these sites do not contain anything that we would not allow here.

Signatures will not be automatically added to previous posts if you did not have a signature at the time of posting no signature will appear even after being added to your profile.

Changes made to a signature WILL alter your previous posts as long as a signature was included at the time the post was made.

Avatars: We believe that the use of avatars personalizes our community and makes it feel more like home. After you register we encourage you to edit your profile and upload an avatar and also a personal profile picture to personalize your experience at Microsoft Forum.
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