Safe Mode requiring a password for my Administrator account, didn't work.

I have two accounts because I was experimenting with the Safe Mode (was also trying to uninstall a virus at the time).

So on Safe Mode, I decided to activate it via the System Configuration -> Boot tab. This was what I saw on one of the threads that tell you how to activate Safe Mode. This is what resulted me in being locked out of doing anything.

My issue is that once I attempted to uninstall something, a big bright notification came up stating "Are you sure you want this to make changes to your device?" and it asked me to put in my Microsoft account password. Once I do so, it declines my password and says that it was wrong. I have changed it twice and they have all been incorrect. I thought this was pretty weird, so I searched it up, and best to my luck, I felt as if I had to turn Safe Mode off and just go back to try and uninstall this thing via out of Safe Mode.

That didn't work, because once I hit WIN + R -> 'msconfig' and hit enter, another big notification came up. This time it read the same thing: "Are you sure you want this to make changes to your device?" Now I was extremely confused, I looked up the issue and I saw some /sfc and other Administrator prompt commands of doing this. I opened up the Administrator Cmd Prompt and best to my luck: "Are you sure you want this to make changes to your device?"

With Windows with networking ON and OFF I am being told my password was wrong. I can not get into System Configuration, Admin CMD Panel, delete files, and more. I am currently locked out of
Settings -> Accounts (Sign-In Options and Email & Accounts, Access Work or School)
Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I am locked out of anything else and there isn't much left to do. Thank you.

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