Re-deploying Office 365 ProPlus in environment for users to ensure they're up to date?



I have an environment with a couple hundred laptops that already have Office 365 ProPlus. However some of them don't auto-update over the past couple years and as a result, I am thinking best to just re-deploy (we have a third-party deployment tool to send .exe's) O365 ProPlus just to ensure that 1.) they're updated and 2.) they're fixed and go on self-updating. We don't have SCCM unfortunately, just PDQ deploy.

That said, That said is there any issue with redeploying to users if they already have it? The reason would be to ensure they’re on the latest version in case it is corrupt or not auto updating and and replace any Apps that’s missing.

But what I don’t know is if my they have additional apps not typically installed with the default xml settings, if this would uninstall that. Or is that only is the exclude line is in the config that stuff gets removed?.

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