New...and uncertain about where to post but I need help


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Sep 17, 2011
Hi everyone,

I'm not certain this is the right forum for me but I am really frustrated right now with Hotmail and customer support from Microsoft and I am looking for help or advice. I completely forgot my password to Hotmail (moving to South Korea form Canada...these things happen). I kept trying to access Hotmail with the result that I am now locked out. I have made five different requests to customer suppport over the last three days and I have had no response. I've tried to access the hotmail help forum on the microsoft site but I have to sign in with the hotmail username and password and, well...I am locked out of my hotmail account so I am unable to sign in. I keep going around in circles and getting increasingly frustrated. I understand the process that Microsoft follows in order to ensure email security. But it is impossible for me to even do an online chat with anyone to get help. It makes no sense that I can't contact an online rep somehow.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to offer? Anything would be much appreciated.
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