My Device Got Infected With Malicious Hacker(s)


Richard D Carter

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G recently and not knowing the phone, went on Google Play Store to download an uninstall app. I downloaded the first one. I opened it to install it on my phone and it immediately downloaded 45 apps to my phone and after that took over the phone. I couldn't even turn it off. It erase my main account, a hotmail account, took all my bank cards and record, Went into the gmail account I was using and took all of my saved accounts passwords 121 of them and then gave them all the same simple password. Google, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and the rest of them. All my apps were gone and replaced with theirs. And it kept getting worse. Finally turn off wifi at home. I set it back to factory settings and began to clean up. Call the bank and credit company's and turned it off All the time I was doing all this I was syncing to my computer. When I got on it I found the mess.

10 min later the phone was back to what it was. Messed up. Took it to Verizon where I bought it and tried to explain it to an eighteen year old. I'm 72 and been in computers since the late 80's She said no problem I'll set it back to factory and I said I already did that and it's back. I went thru Samsung support. They said take it to Verison. But I had installed Norton 360 Ultimate. Went through that like butter. I was on the phone with them slowly walking up to 7 levels. Around 7 solid hours with the big guys and girls they got into my phone saw the damaged and zapped Android programs and we moved things around and was sent to their last guy. The support was great with me. I got off the phones with Norton after about 9 hours. I was sweating. Looked at the computer and not too bad because it's Windows 10. Went to bed, I don't sleep mich and at 5:06 an the phone lites up beeping beeping and it went back to trashed. I haven't called Norton back yet. I have blocked any more damage. And shut off the wifi, bluetooth and so on. When I turned it on at 5 am this morning, It was like dozens of people going through the gate. I shut it off. I usually use less the a gig of data. They had used over 29 GIGs. I have Unlimited coverage. Any suggestions?

[Original Title: Malicious Hacker]

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