My computer thinks the speakers and the headphones are the same thing.



Windows 10 home, 64-bit.

Starting yesterday the sound on my desktop has been acting wierd. I always have my desktop with the speakers plugged in at the jack at the back and my headphones out the front. I can easily switch between the two by going to my sound options at the bottom right of the task-bar.

Now when I turn on my computer, the sound options will show briefly: headphones, speakers, NVIDIA. Within a second it will then change to: NVIDIA, speakers and the headphone option is gone (The headphones are still plugged in). When I have the headphones plugged in all the sound goes through them and when they are unplugged it then goes through the speakers. The entire time there is no 'headphones' option showing, even in the control panel.

I've tried updating, disabling, enabling the drivers to no effect.
I tried intalling the reatek audio manager also to no effect, it just gets stuck in a restarting loop.

It's the same for any other hardware I plug in as well such as different speakers, other headphones or earphones.

It's not a major issue but I preffered having the option to manually switch between the two.

Any advice...

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