Licensing for 2012 R2



We are migrating from an old HyperV environment to a new VMWare environment. The old environment has 2 physical hosts in a cluster (each host has 2 physical processors) with 8 VMs with 2012 R2. We currently have 8 2012 R2 licenses. 4 licenses cover the 8 VMs on one host and 4 licenses cover the 8VMs on the other host. (we recently went through a SAM and were told we were o.k.)

The new environment also has 2 physical hosts in a cluster with 2 physical processors on each host but each processor has many more cores. The old processors had 4 cores and the new ones have 8 cores. I realize that Server 2016 and Server 2019 licensing would be heavily impacted by migrating to a new environment with more cores but is there any impact to 2012 R2?

Am I o.k. to move the VMs from the old system to the new system without any licensing changes or do I need additional licenses?

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