How do i change my integrated webcam to a normal camera?

Hi there people, can you help me?

My camera is a integrated webcam, i look like a senior i dont know how to change it, i tried to fix it i couldnt, my dad couldnt, my sister couldnt. Please help me i want it to look like a normal camera. I want my camera to not be black and white like a integrated webcam i want it to be the normal camera like when im taking a photo to put my shirt blue like it is my hair blonde and my skin white. I look black and white when i open the camera. I want to change it to a normal one. And i am a kid. I dont know how to change it, if theres adults or teens please help me. I need my camera for lots of things. Heres how my camera looks like: b41144c6-2420-48b7-b680-6471ebab3bc5?upload=true.jpg

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