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I can try guys to answer your questions. I'm not sure of an aircraft menu.

I don't know because don't have one.

Halo 2 works on Xbox, and Microsoft Windows

Try reinstalling the game. It might work.

I don't know if you can restore the old version. But I'm mainly to web

games like ZunderFury.

Tammy might of answered

Don't know how to slow it down, you might need to figure it out.

I don't know where to get a Halo less than $5.00, I think it might cost more

as $4.75 to $100.00

I don't know the new product key

It might be a numlock key problem. I've installed Adobe Flash Program 1

time to make games on Kongregate and that happened to me to.

Don't know

I think Halo works on Windows 7 because mine worked on 7


I've been logging on to ChallengeYou for almost 5 years by now. I joined May

7th 2006. It is really hard to find my profile on CY. Many people can't add

me as a friend. I won't except them because I only except friends that I

know for at least 160 days. So I need to know you for a while. My account

name is Snowball. If it says there is no account named that. It might just

be a mistake. I'm not banned on ChallengeYou yet. I've had glitches on the

account login. New game updates with Maze of Icemen & Dia., my time was

0:40, 0:55, and 1:21. When I got 1:21, I had an update so I also chose all

diamonds and icemen. So that's why. By the way, my new account was lolo698,

the reason you can't see my games is because I am banned for my lolo698

account. This is why, an ccount would go leave CY forever. But I sold the

account and the account who left forever came back another day and checked

to see if his account was safe. And I messaged him, "If you come back, you

will need to pay $25,000, or I will ban you from CY. I heard that you left

forever." Sorry guys for that notice. I am a bit mean to you guys. OMG! A

person in a 2nd grade class a long time ago joined a few weeks ago.

I'm not telling you my password, real name, or anything. From, CountyBuilder

I've been making a game called Find the Clown. Looks cool!

Try making your own,

Go to



Oh, one last thing, when I installed The Elder God Shrine, that problem

happened with the installing lasting and lasting a LONG time. And my time

was 0:40, 0:55, and 1:21. That was the video done by me on Elder God


Sincerely finally,

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