File could not be downloaded,when clcik on retry able to download using IE11 from windows 10 system.


srivalli akkineni

I have written code in for "upload" and "download" options

When I click on Download button first, click on ("Save As"/"Save") able to download the File It works fine ..

When I click on "upload" button first and then clicked on "Download" button ,click on "Save as" option File could not be downloaded click on "Retry", Click on Retry able to download the file. Click on Save option able to download.

Issue is when "Upload" button and then "Download" button click on "Save as" "File could not be downloaded click on "Retry".

Click on "Save" no issue able to download.

Please suggest me only after uploading then downloading click on save as option facing issue.

I have tried all the given solution from internet


File Downloads-->Check Enabled.

2)Advance option-->Uncheck "Do not save Encrypted Pages to disk"

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