Diskpart disk size reading error and 128mb partition query.


Disk Part is throwing up an anomaly with the size of my internal hard drive.

It's a 4TB hard drive which shows as 3275 GB in Disk Management (Disk 1)and Windows Explorer.

However, Disk Part shows the size as 1678 GB.

Listing the Partitions in Disk Part shows it as a reserved partition of 128mb and the primary partition of 3725 GB.

I'm just wondering whether the 128mb partition (which I believe is an MSR partition) should be there?

I formatted the drive in Disk Management over a year ago now using the following settings
Used GPT as HDD was 4TB
Allocation unit size: default
Quick format

Then ran chkdsk to verify the disk was ok:
Chkdsk X: /r (where X is drive letter)

I'm trying to figure out why Disk Part might be showing the size of the drive being much smaller than it should be (1678 GB compared with 3725 GB) and I'm wondering whether the 128 mb partition on that drive is an indication of perhaps what's happened?

I should note that the drive otherwise seems to be fine,I've run a CrystalDisk SMART test and everything is being reported on that drive as healthy with no errors, but I'm still a little worried about the 'warning'/inconsistencies with the amount of data being reported by Disk Part.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional on a Dell XPS 8100. It's a WD 4TB internal hard drive connected with a SATA cable. I've been using it for almost two years with no noticeable problems so far (aside from the above anomaly).

Any ideas what the 128mb partition is and perhaps what's going on with the incorrect disk size reading by disk part?

Thank you!

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