Can't Turn off security.

I am trying to restore my system because I have nasty problems. Restore doesn't work, gives me a message that my security is interfering. I want to turn off security. So I go to 1. Settings 2. Update and Security 3. Windows Security. 4. Virus and Threat Protection. At which point I get a Microsoft PAGE NOT AVAILABLE, YOUR IT REPRESENTATIVE HAS LIMITED YOUR ABILITY TO DO THIS. I have no IT, it is my personal computer, and I am caught in another catch 22 of Windows, I cannot do what I must do. How do I get rid of the PAGE NOT AVAILABLE?

I am 75 years old and need it explained step by step, click on this, then this etc. Good idea to assume I don't know anything about computers.

I have windows 10, a desktop computer

Thank you to anyone willing to give a dying old disabled combat vet some help

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