Can Outlook 2016 be minimized when I hit the 'close button'?

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Karthik Uppuluri

Applications like Skype have a feature where they stay minimized on the task bar when they are closed, and I accidentally close office a lot of times, because of the fact that the close button closes the application, and has the be restarted again. I'm not a huge tech genius, and have tried downloading a .dll file called KeepOutlookRunning.dll from the internet, which was a add-in in Office 2016 (or other office versions). When trying to put up the add in, I got an error message, which stated "<path> is not a valid Office add-in". I have tried installing it by opening the options windows, and then going to the add-ins tab, selecting manage: COM Add-ins, and trying to add it by clicking the add button. I did do this in administrator mode by the way. Is there any solution to the problem? I would also appreciate any other ways to get the window minimized when the close button is clicked.

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