Bitlocker recovery - hoping someone can help

My situation:

Working on daughter's computer

She was working and a restart occurred

On boot, bit locker key was requested

She never set up bit locker thus has no record of it

Checked Microsoft to see if she had an account - no luck there

I am able to access the cmd prompt on her computer

Cannot access C: drive but can access X: drive

Using manage-bde I've found a numerical password ID and a TPM ID

Wondering if there is a way to either:

- Identify the bit locker recovery key

- unlock the C: drive using either of the numbers I've located

My qualifications: Know enough to be dangerous (at best).

I've spent hours on the phone with both MS and Lenovo

Suffice to say I'd rather have a root canal than keep going through the experience I've had thus far

Data on her computer is critical as it relates to some recent patient files.

Any help would be appreciated.

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