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    Resources for Windows 11

    Windows 11 was released for the general public starting October 5, 2021. The rollout through Windows update has started to the eligible devices and continue until 2022. Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today | Windows Experience Blog Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog...
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    We're Back and Better Than Ever

    We are now officially open and upgraded. Welcome back everyone!
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    We are back for good this time!

    We are back for good this time!
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    We're Back and Better Than Ever

    I have decided to bring the site back online. I have fully retired and with health issues fully behind me I have time to dedicate to the site.
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    Google Mail Now Banned

    I have lifted the ban on gmail.
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    Microsoft Forum Terms Of Service

    Rules updated 03-24-2016.
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    MS 4000 mouse won't scroll

    You're welcome.
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    Can't reply to message. Spam-like or unacceptable elements

    Problem should be solved.
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    Can't reply to message. Spam-like or unacceptable elements

    I'll take a look at spam filters. Might be a little too strong.
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    MS 4000 mouse won't scroll

    I have the same mouse and the rubber on the wheel is also gone. Still works fine. Maybe a small piece of the rubber has lodged itself on the contact point for the wheel. You could try to dislodge it with something thin enough to fit the opening on the side of the wheel.
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    MS wireless optical mouse incompatible with Windows 7

    You are using an old version of software which as you found out is not compatible with Windows 7. Here is a link to the newest version which will work with Windows 7.
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    Hi Cindy. This has been an on again off again site for a couple years. I used it as a test bed mostly. I decided to open it up again when I found I had an extra license for xenforo. Mostly just threads pulled from Technet right now.
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    Hope you come back now that the site is open again.
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    We're Back and Better Than Ever

    After having health issues last year I decided to close the site since I didn't have time to dedicate to it. That is all in the past now so I decided to bring this community back to life. I'd like to welcome everyone back to Microsoft Forum. As you can see we have new software, a new look and a...
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    Upcoming changes to Windows 10 Insider Preview builds

    I installed it on my main computer last night. All ready for the RTM when it's time.
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    Cancellation of Windows 10 reservation

    Hi, my name is Bernard Colin from Mauritius. I have tried to cancel the reservation by following the Windows 10 FAQ link. Steps taken : 1. Right clicked on Windows 10 icon at bottom right of taskbar. 2. Selected Check your upgrade status. 3. Mentioned on the above link that the 3rd step...
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    my hp 2000 crashed

    My hp 2000 which came with windows defender and Norton crashed about 4 months ago when I was updating it after it said to restart it. When i restarted it, it started to run really slow then it said your PC had trouble starting up" so I called hp and they told me to try a hard reset but when I...
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    Do I want to have disc cleaned thru RE?

    when completing a scan thru security essentials i am asked if i want to have disc cleaned thru RE. i am wary of dangerous sites and would like to know if this is a microsoft approved site [Original title: robin macdonald] View this thread
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    Windows 10 upgrade

    I can't find the windows 10 icon in my task bar for the windows 10 upgrade i tried uninstalling KB3035583 and installing back but i still can't see it please i'll appreciate it if anybody help me View this thread
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    Possible virus/malware Windows 7

    I've been noticing some really strange traffic via my router lately. Do not know how it even got there tbh. Been making sure to scan anything that I've downloaded and they've all come up clean. And it's been through safe channels. I've run Avast and it's come up clean, I've run Super Anti...
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